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Guitar Accessories

Hi guitar rockers! Kevin here. Here's everything you need to get started playing guitar all in one place. Picks, straps, guitar strings, you name it! 

The reality is, there are several "accessories" you will have to deal with in order to play guitar successfully.

Now let's get ready to jam!

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What gear you will need.

Starting with a guitar of course, you need strings (and backup strings), a strap to hold the guitar on your shoulder. You need guitar picks, they are so easy to lose you better get about a dozen. Picks are magic, you can drop one from 20 inches off the ground and it winds up 9 feet from where you dropped it. 

You will need several guitar chords, you will need one to go from the guitar to your effects pedals and one to go from the effects to the amp. Depending on how many effects pedals you have, you may want to use several smaller chords to chain them together. Also include a tuner within your chain so you can stay sounding sharp. Click below for more details about each accessory.






effects pedals

guitar cords

Guitar Masters:
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Andy James

Yngwie Malmsteen

Jerry C.

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