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Video Guitar Lessons

Hello, This is Kevin Bennett for expressive-guitar-lessons. One of the best ways to really improve your playing is by really getting to see what other player are doing with their hands. Video guitar lessons give you a way to really visualize the technique you need to know.

One of the most impressive sites I've seen is JamPlay.com. Here is a link below.

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Disclosure: I am a paid affiliate of JamPlay.com

Here are some examples of the video lessons you can check out on JamPlay.com

When you see a live performance they are always jumping around like a performer should but this is difficult for learning. With the power of video, you can accelerate the pace of your learning by seeing exactly whats going on.

Also with traditional music lessons you are committed to just one teacher. This way you can choose from multiple teachers and styles of playing.

Disclosure: I am a paid affiliate of JamPlay.com

And of course, you don't have to leave the house! Besides JamPlay.com you can get a wealth of lessons on YouTube.com and other sites like freeguitarvideos.com and guitarlessons.com

On YouTube, you can really get some masterful players like Al DiMeola, Joe Satriani. There are some very helpful videos by Steve Morse here is an example below.

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