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Andy James

Hi guitar lovers! Kevin again. Just wanted two shows you like I've been listening to Lately.

Andy James is a British guitarist with riffs from heck. Definitely check out "The Watcher" and "Harddrive." In addition to technical greatness, I find myself actually humming his melodies as well.

Check out the videos below.

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Andy really has a technical advantage over 99% of players. A lot of players are in a rut of playing certain patterns like quadruplet sequences. Andy breaks outside of the box with very imaginative patterns like string jumping quadruplets in different octaves.

Aside from the blisteringly fast riffs, the ability to play a real singable melody is something most players are lacking. It's easy to get fixated on hot-dogging and forget there's a time for musical melodic playing that doesn't sound like a typical guitar solo.

Much like Joe Satriani, in the genre of instrumental rock, the pieces will typically start off with a rhythm riff intro and then be structured like a song with a verse, bridge, chorus, and then thankfully, a mind-bending solo as well!

Syncopation is a key trait of Andy James. Let's say he's playing a riff in 16th notes. He may accent every 3rd or 5th note in the pattern which  offsets nicely against the 16th notes. But somehow he lands perfectly on the down beat when it's all over.

His tapping technique is extremely advanced, it's light years beyond the traditional taping the 1st note of a triplet over and over. He's incorporating every combination you can imagine, even tapping against the open string and fingers in the right hand while accenting in a syncopated pattern.


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