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Canon Rock

Hello everyone, this is Kevin with expressive-guitar-lessons.com Here are some resources for you to buy Canon Rock Which is an adaptation on a classic piece by Jerry C. This is a great riff to learn on guitar. The main chords are ....

D - A - Bm - F # m - G - D - G - A

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Jerry C. also known as Jerry Chang is a Taiwanese guitarist / composer. Famous for playing and arranging "Canon Rock." A rocking version of Joohann Pachelbel's Canon in D.

Rocking on guitar since he was seventeen, he favored neoclassic / metal music as well as Japanese rock. "Canon Rock" had traveled the world in the form of TV shows, blogs and newspapers.

Ultimately being highlighted in a 2007 Guitar World magazine. "Canon Rock" is one of the most downloaded guitar tracks ever. Jerry reportedly signed with record label HIM International Music.

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