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Hello, Kevin here with Expressive Guitar Lessons. As you know I have a publishing company called Funland Books, creator of great children's books!

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A hatching T-Rex egg rolls out of the nest and ends up in the middle of the forest. When the little dinosaur sees an iguana passing by, he mistakes her for his mommy. The Iguana does her best to do everything a mom does, but when the T-Rex starts growing, things start getting more and more challenging.

Dazzling color illustrations.

I highly recommend the paperback!

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A delightful story about Charlie Rex, a dinosaur who meets a very unusual spider named Winston. Meet Charlie's friends; June Duck, Arthur Dog as well.

It started out as a normal day for Tony T-Rex, but Tony and his friends end up in a very challenging situation. Will Tony save the day? Get your copy NOW!

Kid Space Patrol: is a whacky middle reader, graphic novel that is meant to be fun to read and look at for the entire family! Join twins Layla and Mahdi, their mom and their amazing lizard Rand as they fly through space righting wrongs. They will need all their wits and powers to defeat (or de-feet) the bad guys and bring justice to those in need.

Spanish language version of Rex the T-Rex and His Mama Iguana.

Un huevo de T-Rex de eclosión sale del nido y termina en medio del bosque. Cuando el pequeño dinosaurio ve pasar una iguana, la confunde con su mamá. La iguana hace todo lo posible para hacer todo lo que una madre hace, pero cuando el T-Rex comienza a crecer, las cosas empiezan a ser cada vez más difícil.

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