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Guitar Amplifiers

Greetings guitar players, I'm Kevin, lets get into amps today, a very important part of any guitarists overall sound.

Guitar amplifiers come in all shapes and sizes. There are different amps to give you any sound and style you can imagine. Some of the most popular are Marshall, Peavey, Fender and so on.

For clean and synth guitar, my favorite is Roland. Very accurate and warm as well.

Fender amps are versatile in that they are great for cleaner sounds but also rock just great with distortion.

For hard rock and metal, Marshall is probably the most widely used. Large Marshall stacks come with a separate head and cabinets, and are very expensive. You can also buy more affordable Combo Amps like the DSL5CR model. Combo amps are more convienient with the head and speaker in a single cabinet, while still packing that incredible Marshall punch.

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