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Guitar Players

Here is a brief introductory list of some of the top guitar players in the world that should be studied. Enjoy!

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Joe Satriani

Probably the best overall jammer in the category of instrumental rock. Incredible tone and intonation. Always have great rock rhythm, singing melodies and soaring solos. He goes above and beyond to add technique to his sound through high squeals and heavy use of wah.

Joe's latest album is entitled "Unstoppable Momentum" where he introduces us to a brand new rhythm section featuring Marco Minnemann on drums and Bryan Beller on bass. Listen for Joe's signature "High Octave" effect on the first track.

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Andy Timmons

Probably one of the best overalls on the instrument having more styles than any other artist. Very comfortable playing rock, jazz, country, blues, you name it. I highly recommend the "Ear X-tasy" CD, this is his most ground-breaking guitar tracks like "Carpe Deim" and "Farmer Sez". This guy plays like he was born in his hand!

Eddie Van Halen

Pioneer in fretboard tapping. Probably the best player in a rock band setting. Unmistakable tone. He changed the face of guitar with some of the flat-out fastest riffs in rock in the "Eruption" Solo.

Here's a Jam Track you can improvise about. This is Medium Rock in the key of B minor. This is a great way to practice your lead guitar. Have fun with it!

Neal Schon

Probably the most melodic of all. His melodies are heart felt and emotional. His leads presented in Journey songs are known for their singular lines that go on until they crescend into a blistering climax. You absolutely have to hear Neal's solo albums like "Beyond the Thunder".

Andy Summers

Definitely the king of Ska. Andy is well known for his days with the Police, where he played contrapuntal to Stewart Copeland's neo-reggae drumming and sting on bass. Key to his style is the use of energetic rhythms and fantastic color chords.

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Guitar Masters:
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Andy James

Yngwie Malmsteen

Jerry C.

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