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Guitar Practice Jam Tracks

C minor

F minor

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Hi Rockers! It's Kevin with EGL! I've got the ultimate "band in a box" for you that not only will sharpen your skills but it's great for building your own unique voice on the instrument. 

Here are some of my favorite "Jam Tracks" in different keys compiled for you. You can experiment with anything from playing singable melodies to crazy fast riffs. You are the boss, Have fun and play along while challenging and pushing yourself.

B minor Jam Tracks

It's all about complete improv and playing what you like. Take about 30 min to an hour and go through as many videos if you can play a different key every time!

It's more fun for me this way, it gets boring playing in "an" or "e minor" over and over! This will help you master the neck a lotbetter because you are playing in different positions (keys.)

I'm not affiliated with any of the below video creators, except EGL!

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