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This is Kevin with expressive-guitar-lessons.com. I invite you to check out some of the most comprehensive online guitar lessons on the web! These guys at GuitarTricks.com have broken down every component of playing guitar that you can imagine. You can watch videos of almost anything about guitar. 

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I highly recommend this learning system to take your playing to the next level. Below is an example of some of the fantasic lessons that will launch your guitar playing to new heights! Now sit back and enjoy!

Disclosure: I am a paid affiliate of GuitarTricks.com

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Blues - Advanced Improvisation Concepts
by Hanspeter Kruesi of GuitarTricks.com

Instructor: Hanspeter Kruesi
Speciality: Blues, Jazz and Touch Technique
Website: GuitarTricks.com

This is a lesson about advanced improvisation concepts on blues. It shows how you can play 3 different scales on any 12 bar or other blues.

The blues pattern I use here has the following chord progression:

D / D / D / D
G / G / D / D
A / G / D / D

The scales which can be used are:

D minor pentatonic
D blues scale
D, G and A mixolydian scale.

You can play the following scales on the following chords :

D : D minor pentatonic, D blues scale, D mixolydian scale
G : D minor pentatonic, D blues scale, G mixolydian scale
A : D minor pentatonic, D blues scale, A mixolydian scale

On the Guitar Tricks site I have a whole bundle of licks which might give you some additional inspiration. Each lick is marked as pentatonic or mixolydian lick in the description. When you transpose a pentatonic lick you have to transpose it to the key of the blues you are playing. When you transpose a mixolydian lick you have to transpose it to the chord you want to improvise.

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