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Tuning the Guitar

Greeting guitar shredders! Kevin here. One thing critical to sound great on guitar is staying in tune. You want to tune up nicely before you perform or record, and periodically check your tuning as prolonged play can bring the instrument out of tune.

I recommend starting either the high or low E string and go through all the strings in order. Keep repeating this until every string is a tune. It's going to sound pretty much when you strum a chord with a harmonious ring.

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Here is a video tuner below so you can quickly tune up anytime!

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I use a tuning fork at A440 to tune a classical guitar, my effects processor has a built in tuner when I'm playing electric. you can always get a clip on or a simple plug-in tuner.

Try some alternate tunings, you can come up with incredible chords you never thought of. Drop the E strings down to a D or C. Just changing the low E string can give you a whole different world on guitar. 

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