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Cubase 6 Review

Hello readers. I'd like to discuss a review of Cubase 6. In keeping with the theory that every guitarist wants to sound great, it's important that we obtain the right tools for the job. What you need is to break away from being dependent on the local recording studios and be able to make real professional quality recordings in your own home.

What I recommend is a recording platform that allows midi and audio to be seamlessly integrated with complete control over the sound environment. In this case, Cubase 6 is my software of choice.

The software is very easy to install, however, they do require a USB device be plugged in at all times for authenticity. I recommend have a dedicated computer just for your studio so you will easily have a free USB port.

The "device setup" is where you will go in and select the correct sound card or sound device for both audio and midi recording. Also critical is the VST connections area where you assign the sends.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of using midi instruments to support your creative musical environment. I use a lot of midi drums but even for live drums it is great to be synced exactly to a click track. In my opinion playing a song just a few bpm's to fast or slow can absolutely ruin the feel.

Stay tuned to hear about how I integrate the midi instruments with the richest high quality samples that sound as good as the real thing and of course, get the ultimate guitar sound!