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Learning Notes on Guitar

Hi Guitar Fans! I'm Kevin, site owner.

One of the tricky things about learning guitar is the notes are less visual than say a piano keyboard. Whether you are beginner or advanced, you will need to memorize the notes and up the entire fretboard.

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The best approach is to start from any open sting and learn each fret one at a time all the way up the neck. The good news is you really only have to memorize up to the 12th fret and the notes repeat from there. For example, starting from the open high E string, go up one fret at a time - EFF # GG # Bb BCC # DD # E, and so on. Repeat this on each string. Over time you will simply memorize that the 3rd fret on the E string is G and the 5th fret is A, etc.

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Here are some printable guitar fretboards for you to write on.

Chart out your favorite patterns and explore new ones!

Great for Teachers or Students alike. 

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An easy hint is the dotted frets, which are the 3rd, 5th, and 7th frets, are mostly natural notes with the sharps and flats in between. Test yourself by picking a random fret from the neck and figure out the note.

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Here is an example where I wrote the first few notes, not including sharps and flats.

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Here is an example of a "blank fretboard" so you can print it out and chart all the notes for yourself.

Next you can try different ways to challenge your knowledge of the fretboard.

1) Pick a note like F #, for example, and as quickly as you can, play a F # on every string.2) Pick a fret, for example the 10th fret, and know each note across each string.

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