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Guitar Chords

Just wanted to thank all the viewers around the world who have been logging on Expressive-Guitar-Lessons.com Now let's talk about chords. The great thing is there are several ways to approach chords on the guitar.

Here is a quick resource guide I compiled for all you guitar chords needs all in one place!

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Open Chords

"Open Chords" are the most common shapes used on guitar. They are called "Open" because they all utilize the open strings and do not require barring.

Bar Chords

"Bar Chords" extend the open chords up the neck with the bar acting as a movable capo. In the example below, your first finger bars all the way across the 3rd fret and use fingers 2, 3, and 4 for the rest of the notes. If you notice this is really the same shape as an E Major open chord just moved up three frets.

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Jazz Chords

" Jazz Guitar Chords " feature chord extensions such as 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th scale degrees. Emphasis is placed on the critical "character" notes that define the chords.

Other Chords

"Extended Open Chords" keep the same shape as open chords but travel up the neck for very exotic sounds.

"Triads" playing only three notes at a time rather than strumming all strings.

Guitar Chord Resource

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Open Chords

Bar Chords

6th Chords

Dominant 7th Chords

9th Chords     13th Chords

I recommend this app that works with iphone or ipad. You have access to hundreds of chords with an easy attractive interface. You can even "strum" the screen to hear the distinct sound of each chord. It's like having a music teacher everywhere you go!

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