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Greetings, and welcome to Expressive Guitar Lessons.com!

Our mission is to help millions of guitar players around the world to become better players.

My name is Kevin Bennett and I will be your host. My goal is to bring you the essential knowledge you will need to transform your playing as well as providing a wide array of guitar related info.

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I want to expose you to broad range of guitar styles and techniques, and encourage your to always keep an open mind in your learning. For example, you might learn a great riff by listening to a sax player that will transform your playing on guitar.

And of course you want to have a great knowledge of music theory to enhance your color pallet. Therefore, we did the basics all the way to advanced music theory.

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My approach to guitar has always been that it's not just about playing a series of notes in a certain order. Music is about truly engaging your emotions and feelings. The great thing about guitar is the massive expressive capabilities it has.

On a piano for example, you have notes that ring out in a very straight-forward fashion. You strike the note, it's louder at the initial attack and the slowly fades away. You can change a note in any way if each string is "hard-fixed".

On the guitar one of the great advantages is the ability to bend notes. One of you will note that you can play or play with the note any way you want. You can change the note with harmonics or by using a different pick. Whammy bars add a whole different dimension of sound to the notes as well. You can use all the chords and use the whammy bar to "de-tune" all the notes at once.

So I welcome you to come along on this journey. There's always something new to learn on guitar. Once you start the path you create your own road to discovery. - OK Let's get Jamming!

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Disclosure: I am a paid affiliate of Amazon.com