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Tapping Exercise # 1 Edge of Pick

Here is an exact riff (shortened) from my latest track called "Chains and Snowdogs". In the tap the high notes with the edge of the pick for better control.

Start by picking the high B note on the B string then pick the D on the E string on the 10th fret. Hammer on the E and F # on the E string. Now here is the key to this riff.

Keep your 4th finger (pinky) down on the F # on the E string and simultaneously tap with the edge of the pick on the high G on the E string. You do the tap and release twice.

When you bounce back with the edge of the pick it sounds the F # on the E string because your 4th finger is still holding the note. This Allows you two make a connection between the two notes. Click here to download the TAB. Free Power Tab Player Required

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