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Ninth Chord Arpeggios

The ninth scale degree is mostly used in jazz chords as a way to bring more color to a vanilla sounding 7th chord. The approach we have here is to use the 9th scale degree to enhance your arpeggios as well.

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Let's start with the g minor 9th. In order to maintain a 4-note pattern, we are omitting the 5th scale degree which is the least important harmonically. This leaves us with the root, 9th, third and seventh scale degrees.

Start in 7th position on the G note with your pinky on the 10th fret of the A-string. Now using fingers one and two you play the A and Bb on the D string (7th and 8th frets). Now here is the part that's kinda weird, you are going to jump from 7th position up to 10th position where your first finger is now on the 10th fret. This is where you play the A and G notes on the G string.

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With the 5th scale degree omitted you now have this big gap between the 3rd and 7th scale degrees. Making this leap of faith is going to be tricky at first. My advice is don't think about the technical dificulty of changing positions, just concentrate on playing and hearing the notes and your hand will do all the work.

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You can practice playing a one octave version then go to the two octave pattern.

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Next we have the dominant 9th pattern. This is exactly the same except you have a major 3rd (B) rather than a minor 3th (Bb). in my opinion this one is slightly more difficult due the repeated use of fingers one and three in the left land while in the minor version you could alternate using fingers one and two.

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