Three Octave Major Scale

Hello guitar slingers! Here is the Three Octave Major Scale that will rocket you up the fretboard like a Saturn V. You should practice this pattern as one of your daily rituals along with arpeggios, etc.

There are two main approaches depending on if you want 3 notes per beat or 4. In 4 notes per beat, I add the extra note at the top so you can return smoothly and start back on the downbeat when you land. In this example, that would be the high F# at the top. I'd recommend practicing both and even get into 5 notes perbeat, etc.

As a beginner or intermediate player, you should start very slowly and work your way up to 120 beats per minute (bpm) as your goal. For advanced players, you want to reach beyond to about 130 to 140 bpm.

This way, you are getting up the neck by having 4 notes per string and you are actually sliding on the 1st finger. Try to play the notes distinctly as possible and minimize the sliding sound. The slides occur only on the E, A and D strings then you go to a 3 note per string pattern.

Learn this fingering first but then you can come up with your own patterns. Maybe you prefer a different path like putting the "slide" on a different note.

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Practice tip... Don't sacrifice accuracy for speed. Practice at a tempo slow enough that you can play perfectly and then increase the tempo 1 bpm at a time. Of course, you should try fast tempos in order to push your self but then go back to the slow increase approach.

Next, I will show you an incredible pattern for Minor and then we will get gradually into the more exotic scales.

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