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More Guitar Players

Here are some more guitar players and other notable musicians you can enjoy!

Steve Vai - Probably the most colorful approach of all. He is all over tone coloration by heavy use of whammy bark and "quick-slides". He has a lot of character and personality that most player don't have.

Steve Morse - Sheer grit and technique. His roots come from a jazz, blues and country. One of the more musical in the rock genre due to his fusion of many styles.

Shawn Lane - Probably the greatest technician of all time. This guy played riffs even a computer would have a hard time keeping up with. Unbelievable 7 fret stretch in the left hand. I tried it, you have to have fingers like an octopus to pull this off!

Yngwie Malmsteen - The greatest of the neo-classical genre. One of the fathers of speed-metal. The great thing is not just playing fast but is a great composer in his own right and has brought electric axemenship in to the realm of Beethoven and Mozart.

Andreas Vollenweide - Undescribable musicianship. He plays primarily the Electro-Acoustic Harp but also ventures on to such instruments as the Japanese Koto. Try not to get a tear if you hear him live. His playing inspired me with the harp being like the perfect cross between classical guitar and piano.

Alex Lifeson - Probably the greatest musical story teller in the genre of rock. He has taken the instrument pretty much everywhere it can go. He holds down the chordal framework and leads in the band Rush.

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